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How’s the Market?

The Summit County Real Estate market experienced the same transition as the National Market. However, unique fundamentals of our local area, including the appeal of the world class ski destinations and limited supply of buildable land due to the surrounding National Forest, kept the swing from being as drastic.

Low interest rates and the availability of new loans have helped our market begin to stabilize. Buyers and sellers are reaching common ground on pricing, with most properties selling between 92% and 95% of list price. The Summit County Real Estate Market seems to be making some positive transitions. In the past year real estate transactions have increased 15% and jumped 67% since 2009. Additionally the number of properties for sale has fallen countywide and we currently have the lowest levels of inventory since 2008.

Every property needs a unique sales strategy – however each property we market includes the following basic foundation:

1.) Professional Photography – We hire a professional photographer to photograph every property so the images of your home do not appear dark, unfocused or over exposed.

2.) Virtual Tour – We create a true 360 degree virtual tour so potential buyers can tour your home from anywhere.

3.) Professional Property Brochures – We work with a printer to create professional quality card stock brochures that will be left in the home and available for people who tour the property.

4.) Property Specific Website – We create a website with a property specific domain name (ie: so people can easily view information and images of your home.

5.) Communication – You’ll be updated on a weekly basis on the progress of your sale and marketing efforts. If you would like more information on our market or if I can help answer any questions feel free to call or email.

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